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    Extreme PC | The Extreme Machine for Your Digital Worlds.

    Just like in the world of STARFIELD, with thousands more possible configurations than our competitors, we offer you the tools to be creative and design your dream system exactly how you envision it.  Take your time as you will need a REALLY good machine to take you on this single player space adventure we all waited a very long time to experince.   In this next generation role-playing game set amongst the stars, create any character you want and explore with unparalleled freedom as you embark on an epic journey to answer humanity’s greatest mystery.


    Our configurator design provides you with the ultimate freedom in choosing which components you want in your system. 

    Start at the top of the configurator selecting your core system components, select how much cooling and storage you'd like, add some accessories if needed, and click add to cart! It's that easy!


    Just like in STARFIELD,


    Utilizing the latest developement techonolgy from Adobe, we have created the worlds best system integration configurator to allow you to customize your dream machine from the ground up. With millions of possible configurations and hundreds of different components to choose from - we provide a simple, easy to use platform to design and purchase the system that suits your needs perfectly.




    We only offer the highest performing and most reliable components on the market. You won't find cheap, off brand components in our configurator! Build your dream machine around quality components from brands like ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and many others. 



    ... From the company which makes your favourte console hardware - Play Station 5 and XBox Series X ... 
    ... also happens to make incredible CPUs and GPUs for PC gamers...

    An All AMD System | STARFIELD Game Bundle 

    Explore the universe in 2330 and step foot in new planets that lie way beyond our solar system. Decide who you will be and what you will become. Venture through more than 1,000 planets and embark on your next quest with your no-compromise Legendary 4K Experince on your EXTREME PC.

    For the no-compromise 4K gamers who want the absolute best Starfield™ experience.

    AMD Starfield Legendary Experience: 4K

    As always we are AMD's premium partner and we have pre-configured systems below for all budgets which all come with a copy of Starfield game bundle. See more details on AMD's website:

    AMD Starfield Bundle Details



    We put all of our systems through rigorous stress and thermal testing using our proprietary benchmarking suite. Before our systems ship, each one is tested thoroughly to ensure reliability for years to come. 



    Here at Extreme PC our employees are gamers just like you. We understand that things like fast delivery, benchmark smashing performance, stunning aesthetics, and friendly customer support are most important to keep you in the game and performing your best!



    Assembled and Supported in Canada

    By buying an Extreme PC, you not only receive your dream machine, but you will be supporting fellow Canadians. 




    Ask Our Experts

    Having trouble with your configuration? Or have any technical questions regarding the components you selected? Simply click save or print quote and send us your configuration ID and we will answer any questions you may have as well as provide suggestions to better optimize your build.

    .... And now for our favorite community made Starfield: Into The Stars trailer ....