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"Extremely fast delivery. I chose to pick it up in the store. What a fanatstic buyer experience. Andrew's passion and enthusiasm for the products and the whole experience is incredible. He makes the whole thing come to life for his customers. One of the all time best buying experiences I've ever had. I can't imagine buying my systems from anyone else in the future!!"

"Very happy"

"Guys you are so good. A better more user friendly website would really help customers understand just how good Extreme PC is. "

Sheldon, Toronto, ON - 4/11/2016
"Excellent service."


Kevin, Grimsby, ON - 3/29/2016
"The computer was a little late in getting to me, the reason for this was the effort the extreme team made to make sure my system was perfect. They spent extra time off the dime to make sure I was happy with the results."

"Yes I am pleased with the system."

"I like the clean-up of the front office, makes for a better inpresson when you steap in and order. Thanks Andrew and company for a excellent job. " I will be back" lol. Regards Shawn M. 777shawn777@gmail.com"

Shawn, Guelph, ON - 1/14/2016
"How can you go wrong with a 4 day turnaround? I ordered on a Friday, and it was ready on Monday. "

"Staff were awesome, friendly, and very helpful. I will recommend this place to everyone. "

Chris, Guelph, ON - 1/12/2016
"Definitely - super service!"

"I am very happy!"

Jan, Guelph, ON - 10/7/2015
"You guys should definitely sell yourselves better to Universities! They tend to have Dell contracts, and end up spending way more than they need on CRAP Dell desktops and servers. I would suggest mentioning on your website that you take PO numbers/Net30 accounts, so people know you service them. Thanks again!!!!!"

Dr., Hamilton, ON - 6/21/2015
"After buying on their website, my Sony Home Theater System was delivered the next day. Their was great communication and it was delivered to my doorstep at a time that best suited me. Amazing experience!"

"It was better then expected. I am thrilled with my new Sony Home Theater System! I just told them my price range and generally what wanted and their recommendation was perfect. I realize now that Extreme PC plain and simply knows electrics for better then I ever could."

"I am thrilled with my brand new Sony Home Theater System! Any guests I have over are very impressed. My neighbors however may not be as happy. :) Thank you Extreme PC!"

"Extreme PC is by far better than any other electronics retailer, hands down. They have the best prices and anyone I know who purchased from them is thrilled with their experience. Other electronic retailers are completely clueless about what they are selling, they do not listen to you and they will just sell you anything you are willing to buy. Other places also mislead you, and shopping around just leads to HOURS and HOURS of your valuable life wasted looking to find deals. After searching everywhere now for new monitors, home theater, t.v., computer components and a new computer, I always come back to Extreme PC. They have always been the best value per dollar when considering all things. No surprises, guaranteed satisfaction, the most knowable and passionate team. I hope they never change. "

Kevin, Guelph, ON - 4/25/2015
"Some minor delay however that was caused by some confusion on the credit card companies part."

"Very much so! I have been gaming like crazy, logging so many hours on Steam haha "

"You guys are awesome! I have been able to play so many games that I would not have been able to play otherwise. And, the games look and run amazing. From answering my initial questions (before I made my purchase) until the day that I came to pick up the tower, you have been nothing but courteous and helpful. I would definitely recommend you to other people looking to build a custom PC."

Chris, Mississauga, ON - 3/31/2015
"Yes great speed very fast"

"Yes I'm very happy with the look of the products on the website "

"Went to pick up package and met great friend name Greg he great guy"

Thomas, Guelph, ON - 1/7/2015
"System arrived earlier than expected/estimated, and I was very pleased with the speed of the delivery."

"Had it custom made, so it was pretty much what I expected."

"Very happy with my new system, runs perfectly and have had no issues thus far. Looks great and is very quiet, couldn't be more pleased with the work you guys have done. Thanks so much!"

"One change I might make is giving a picture of the cases you can choose from when customizing your own computer. (Unless I am wrong, I didn't see any actual pictures and had to look them up). I really like that you can send in a code of what you are thinking of buying and asking for some advice. This feature really sold the computer to me and I was pretty thrilled I could ask you guys for some of your own thoughts and suggestions. "

Mark, Acton, ON - 11/1/2014
"Everything was according to their direction. "

"Exactly as advertised. "

"Very happy. High quality machine made by a team that cares a lot about the machine they're making. "

Greg, St.Thomas, ON - 9/30/2014
"Yes it was great"

"Yeah the fact that you guys got me the better hard drive for the same price really impressed me."

"Yeah shes running great."

Kyle, guelph, ON - 6/13/2014
"Excellent, Best experience I have ever had, purchasing a new computer. It was a fun time."

"Was deliver to my home. How much better can you receive than that!!!"

Marjorie, Guelph, ON - 5/1/2014
"Extreme PC is probably the best PC place in southern Ontario. mbshaw11@gmail.com"

Matthew, Guelph, ON - 4/22/2014
"Yes. Great service and devotion on doing the job at hand. "

"Yes very much I never had a better job done. "


Bill, Brantford, ON - 3/21/2014
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